On toothpaste

You open the little cap. You squeeze the tube. You pour some toothpaste on the toothbrush. You brush your teeth. Do it at least twice a day, you were told, thrice if you can, but never more than three. And you do it. You. Just. Do. It. Since you were a little kid: uncapping, squeezing, pouring, brushing, rinsing. You never think why. You never ask yourself if the whole thing really helps. The thought not even passes your mind. You were told you had to do it. Your mommy did. Your daddy did. Your dentist did. And you believed them. You still do. Everyone you know does it, right? Two times a day. Religiously. You have never searched for a scientific study. You have never looked out for a conclusive report. You just blindly trust what mommy, daddy, the dentist and everyone else told you. No questions asked. No doubts. Religiously. Blind-faithfully. You are a believer, darling. So don’t fucking come here telling me you are an atheist.

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  1. Anonymous5.10.10

    Very good. Once more you have extracted a very powerful idea from a simple aspect of life. Nico.